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8 Ball Rules


The current rules of 8 ball (version 14). These rules are effective in Jan 2013 for Jeff City and Feb 2013 for Columbia.

Here is a summary of the changes in the rules for NAPA 8 ball and NAPA 9 ball. They are effective immediately. If you know of someone that will be putting in a team that is NOT addressed on this email please either print this eamil or forward it to them. I also need their email to be included in future mailings.

NAPA 8 ball changes:
1. The rack. The 1 ball is to be the apex of the rack (first ball) with a solid and a stripe in each of the corners closest to the cushion. Originally no spec other than 8 ball in the middle.

2. Winner of the lag. The winner of the lag must break. Originally the winner had choice to break or not.

3. Timeouts. Handicap 29 or less can have TWO timeouts per game (originally 30 and below). Handicaps 30-69 can have ONE timeout per game (originally 31-60). Handicaps 70 and above (originally 61 and above) have NO timeouts.

4. Player classes changed. Class E 9 and under (same), Class D 10-29 (same), Class C 30-49 (same), Class B 50-69 (same), Class A 70-89 (same), Master class 90-109 (originally 90 and above), Grand master 110 and higher (originally included in Master class).

5. Separated Grand masters from Masters class.

6. Timeout time limit. Cannot now exceed ONE minute. Originally two minutes.

7. Foot on the floor. Still required but EXCEPTION when shooter has obvious physical handicap and is acknowledged by both teams.

8. Time for shot. Now allowed 90 seconds to execute each shot. (originally 2 minutes). Also now institutes ball in hand if after a warning "slow play" continues and a time clock has been instituted.

9. Outside balls. Can now be used if both teams and venue agree. This is for the cue ball that teams normally carry and use instead of the bar "mud ball".

10. Jump cues. Jump cues and regular pool sticks are allowed for jump shots. Using a half cue or just a shaft is a cue ball in hand foul. (originally you could use half a shaft).

11. Final score sheets. Any change to the score sheet can be made by the league operator WITHIN SIX DAYS of the match being played. After the six days NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO THE SCORE SHEET. Originally we could make changes up until the time it is posted. No more. This underlines the importance of getting me the score sheets as soon as possible after the match. If I don't get the score sheet until 6 days after the match there will be no changes.

12. Player height. If a player is less than 5 feet tall they are permitted to use a stool or some other object, to raise their height to 5 feet when shooting at the table. Originally no rule existed.

13. Changing teams. You cannot change teams once you shoot one match in a season without the approval of NAPA and the League Operator. Originally you could change teams with the approval of the League Operator only.

14. Shooters with previous league experience. APA conversion remains the same. TAP and BCA changed. TAP is 10 points higher. For example a 5 in APA comes into NAPA as a 60. A 5 in TAP comes into NAPA as a 70. This applies to all handicaps. In a change the BCA is 10 points lower. For example a 5 in APA comes into NAPA as a 60 and a 5 in BCA comes into NAPA as a 50. This applies to all handicaps.

15. Tied teams. If teams tie in the regular season the winner is determined by the most team matches won. If still tied then it is the team that won the most head to head matches between the teams that are tied. If still tied the top point shooter for each team that has the most points wins for the team.

16. Late arrival. Shooters must be present to shoot at the required time. If a shooter is not ready to play when the last shot of the match previously is made, that match ADN ALL FOLLOWING MATCHES will be forfeited.

17. Code of conduct. There were some general rules in the old rules but in the new rules a complete section has been added for code of conduct. Heckling has been expanded. If you are being heckled while shooting the 8 ball then NO WARNING is required and the game is forfeited. If not shooting the 8 ball and the shooter is heckled, the heckler and team captain must be warned. If it continues it is forfeit of the MATCH. Put details on the score sheet and snet to NAPA. NAPA will address that players standing in the league. This also applies to unsportsmanlike behavior. The rules gives examples such as any outward motion during the opponents shot such as yelling, screaming, booing, throwing objects, standing closer than an arms length to the table, grabbing chalk from the table, standing in the line of sight or any attempt to embarrass or humiliate your opponent. These are only examples and the person that violates the code of conduct is subject to being banned from NAPA.

18. Standard pool cue specs. Must be at least 40 inches in length (no maximum), must not exceed 25 ounces (no minimum), and tip must not exceed 14 millimeters (no minimum).

19. Coaching changes.

The coach may:
a. Offer coaching advice to the shooter
b. Touch the table at any time (was not able to previously)
c. Place the shooter’s cue ball on to the table, into position, in a cue ball in hand situad. Use the shooters pool cue to show an example of how to line up a shot (was not allowed previously)

The coach may not:
a. Mark any part of the table with chalk or any foreign object
b. Place markers or any foreign object on the table
c. Touch any of the opponents balls at any time

NOTE: Any violation of these three items is cue ball in hand for the opponent.

NAPA 9 ball changes:
All 19 changes in the 8 ball rules also apply to 9 ball with the exception of rule #1.
If you have ANY question on ANY rule, let me know. If a situation comes up during play call me before preceding if you cannot settle the dispute between captains. Remember, if you agree to something with the other team captain that is what I will rule but will let you know if it is right or not for the future.

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